moving lagna


ALP the moving lagna that has moved many people’s lives from stagnation as more than 5000 persons from both India and abroad will bear testimony that their life has started moving after they came into contact with ALP which is the brainchild of Dr.poduvudai murthy Pattukottai, Tanjore.
Akshaya lagna pathadi is slowly revolutionizing the way predictions are made.

Akshaya means growing or moving. The natal Lagna or Ascendant traverses one nakshatra pada in 1 year 1 month and 10 days and hence it takes exactly 10 years to traverse one rasi sign.Every 10 years the Alp lagna moves to the next rasi at which point of time the entire perspective of planetary positions will change and hence the person’s life also changes. This change cannot be predicted through traditional tools of astrology as the lagna never changes and remains fixed.hence predictions are not accurate.

We are now in the process of taking ALP to all astrologers through Seminars conducted by Dr.Podhuvudai Murthy so that general public can avail accurate astrological guidance.Any number of Astrologers following ALP will give the same predictions hence credibility of Astrology will go up in the mind of the general public which is a great advantage for Astrology and practicing Astrologers.

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