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Mrs. Shanti Devi Rajesh Kumar
My Personal Experience about Akshaya Lagna Paddhati [ ALP]

Smt. Shanti Devi Rajesh Kumar, Akshaya Lagna Paddathi astrologer, Thanjavur.

Let me introduce you all to an ardent Devotee of Lord Muruga.
He has been on a Pilgrimage by foot to Pillayar Patti & Palani for the past 16 years. As Lord Dhandayuthapani blessed Agasthiar with Tamil; he was blessed with a new methodology in astrology. I have been with him since he wrote the first page of his first book about his invention of Akshaya Lagna Paddhati . Let me share my experiences, astonishments and feelings about him

On 3/2/1984 he was born to Sri. P Singaravelan & Smt. S Padmawathi at Thennadar, Vedharanyam circle, Nagapattinam District Tamilnadu India. He has completed his under graduation and Post graduation in Tamil, Bachelors in Education and, PhD in Palm leaf manuscripts related to astrology.

Since his childhood he had a strong desire and involvement to achieve something in astrology. But his parent’s desire was to make him a good teacher. So he first graduated by completing his Bachelor in Education. But his primary focus and ambition was in Astrology. Some great universal force was pulling him into astrology. He was hungry enough to search and learn it. So he started reading a lot, whichever content comes his way regarding astrology. While doing so, he felt disturbed on different predictions for the same horoscope. Astrology is a mathematics based subject. In Mathematics, there cannot be two different results for the same question. He was so disturbed, on how different astrologers get different results for the same horoscope. At this juncture, he came across a lady whose daughter couldn’t get married due to Dosha in Mars. He started thinking on how a single planet can decide the marriage of the natal. Doesn’t other planets have anything to do with it? This seeded the thought to find a solution based on astrology. He started searching for answers. This search revealed a lot of answers to him. How can we get different predictions for the same horoscope?

His whole family is Lord Muruga’s devotees. As Lord Muruga revealed Tamil through Saint Agasthiyar, this Akshaya Lagna Paddhati was revealed to this world through him. Lord Muruga chose him because of his devotion and his burning desire to unlock the calculations and give one correct solution to every horoscope and make a great contribution in astrology. He is also Lord Anjaneya’s devotee. His strong spiritual search took him to several pilgrimage to Himalayas. In one such Himalayan pilgrimage, he visited Neem Karoli Baba ashram. He prayed to Baba to bless him with an astrological solution to his quest to have a symmetrical prediction for any given horoscope.

While he was sinking inside this thought, he had a vision of everything growing around him. Then he sat under a banyan tree on meditation. He got a vision of the banyan tree branches growing bigger. This vision of growth sparked a question inside him about “Why the Janma Lagna can’t grow?” He started researching and creating calculations based on this and analysed the results for more than a decade. Thus, he has invented Akshaya Lagna Paddathi method of astrology and dedicated it to this world. This Alp Method of astrology using growing lagna bhava is very simple for everyone to learn, understand and practice. Not only did he invent this method, in-order to make it simple to practice, he has also given us a readymade software. We are blessed to travel along with him in this life time.

It is beyond doubt that the forth coming generations will treasure this Alp Method of astrology and celebrate it. I have questioned him, “All inventions are named after the inventors. Even though you have put enormous effort to invent this method, why haven’t you named this method in your name? “. He replied with a smile that “Its not my invention. Its a blessing from the Almighty for all. Why should I include my name in this?” Being an exponentially growing method, he named it as Akshaya. As the natal physically grows, the lagna also progresses. Depicting this, he named this method as Akshaya Lagna Paddathi. No doubt, this method will be a milestone in Astrology.

I asked him once, “While everyone is approaching horoscope with a static birth lagna, what made you think that lagna will grow? He explained that “Our birth lagna denotes our purpose of life. Whom shall I be, what am I supposed to experience in this life. All depends on the birth lagna. If I have to reach a destination, I need to know, which bus should I board in-order to travel, when will the bus come, in which route will it go. To get all these details of our life travel route, we need Alp Lagna. In this travel, what we are going to experience, when it will happen, are we in the right direction, do we need to take a bypass, is the travel steady, all details of this life travel plan can be revealed using Alp. When he said this, I felt so astonished at least a 1000 times, how this person could get this idea, when no one could think about this in all these years.

In any person’s life time, it will neither be favourable nor unfavourable always. He has put his 6 years of hard efforts to create this software. The toughest part of astrology is its calculations. Most mistakes happen here. If the astrologer makes even a negligible mistake the total prediction may go wrong. To make it fool proof and avoid human errors as well as save a lot of time taken to calculate, he has given us this software. His purpose is to reach this method to all. So he removed the toughest part (calculations) and the time to calculate by providing the ready made software.

He has also trained 1000+ Alp certified astrologers and they are practicing this method as their profession. I have witnessed all his struggles, his sacrifices, his tireless efforts in order to achieve this level. But he has never mentioned or felt it as a struggle as he was passionate in doing this work. It fact he was enjoying the processes and focusing on the outcome of giving solution to all.

I have seen his predictions beyond calculations. He doesn’t take time to calculate. In fact he directly gives prediction on the natal’s arrival. I have been astonished on many such occasions.

In one such occasion as soon as a natal entered his room, sir asked him immediately, why he has come here, if he doesn’t believe in this? When the natal refused, he explained that he changed his shirt 3 times in dilemma to come here. The natal was shocked by his prediction. We were astonished how he can find all these details. This was not the only time, it has happened many number of times. This has become very casual now in our office.

He is in the process of writing 18 books on this methodology. After concluding all the topics and contents of those books, he declared his invention to this world. He has copyrighted his books. I asked him, you didn’t copyright your invention, but why you are copyrighting your books? He said let someone check in these books for what is in it to copyright?

He is the first person to declare that the lagna grows. He is the first to declare that predictions have to be based on the natal’s age. According to him, lagna takes 10 years to travel in each Rasi and thus it takes 120 years for one life cycle. He has created this software to calculate all these so that even a layman can get results instantly as well as accurately

He has researched on Previous Janma as well as on upcoming janma. Revealing next Janma details may hinder current janma. So he never reveals anyone about janma. He always considers previous janma karma in predicting present janma. He has upgraded his software in such a way that he can define previous janma date of birth and get the chart of it. These researches are all beyond human minds of current age. May be the future generations may understand it. If anyone other than our Sir would have done these inventions, they would have minted billions and trillions of money. But our sir is not of that nature . He earns only for his essentials. He collects fees according to the ability of the natal. Sometimes in 1000’s sometimes even free of cost. He has also done a separate research on Medical astrology.

His software is capable to indicate planetary positions and its impact changes happening every 10 min. The indications are done with numbers percentages as indicators making it usable to any layman who doesn’t have any astrological knowledge. Now a days, marriage break even for well matched horoscopes. He has researched all pros and cons and updated his software to get the right match.

Out of 18 upcoming books, he had published 4 books till now. The 5th and 6th books are in the process of printing. All others are in progress.

Govt of India has given the copyright for his methodology books in 2017. His books have been well received and read by all around the world. Many have requested him to research on World level incidents, particularly his predictions about Tamilnadu State Government May 2021 election results was published on 29th April, Malaimurasu Daily newspaper.

He can predict many general historical events. He has also seen many occult and past life incidents from their present horoscope. He extended his research on whose karma we are experiencing in the present. If it is Father’s Karma or Mother’s Karma or our own karma in a very simple way that everyone can understand. He detailed everything about this in his books. He accurately says that even if we try, only some of the karmas can be rectified by doing some remedies and other karmas cannot be rectified with remedies. It is their destiny that they have to live their karma and no other choice. We feel very astonished when he speaks and writes about it.

Since we have seen many occult incidents happening by being with him, we can understand it. One such incident is, one day we have seen an old lady sitting very worried in a temple. He went to her and told her, that her grandson will score good marks and he is going to get a medical seat, then why is she looking very sad. Suddenly he picked up a stone nearby, gave it to her and told her to keep it in her house and pray. Seeing all this, that lady was shocked. She asked him how did you find out that I am worried about my grandson’s examination and medical seat? He blessed many people with his sacred words while crossing them just like that. This is the reason he is also known as “ Vaakku Yogi”. Being an astrologer we should analyse everything in depth and we should have a 360 degree vision. He would also tell his students should never make even a minute mistake, because astrology is Mathematical calculations and it is same for all. Whoever it may be, if we apply the rule the end result must be the same. It should never deviate one way for the rich and the other way for the poor. It will never give a different end result. He explains in a very simple way, i.e., if a planet travels in a particular star then the impact will be only like this and it is common for all. All these are not possible for an ordinary human being. He is an extraordinary person blessed with the powers of Almighty. Since he is very much devoted to God, he was on pilgrimage by foot to Pillaiyarpatti and Pazhani Lord Muruga temple for 16 long years. He often visits Himalayas also. It might be God’s power or the soul of the Siddha in him, which brings out this astrology method for the benefit of all. I like to register one more thing here. The message of the universe through him is, whoever predicts using this method of astrology, all predictions will be one and the same for any particular horoscope. It is a blessing to live in the same period of time where an extraordinary person like him is living and that too very close to him. There are many instances and many more calculations in it. He focuses everything very minutely. In particular he researched more about share markets. Though many insisted him to teach about share market strategies, he refused and told his research about this is not fulfilled. All his specialties are kept secret. His wish and ambition is to create at least one astrologer in a family. Because only in astrology we can know the purpose of our life and in which path we should lead our life to achieve the purpose. He strongly believes that, if there is an astrologer in a family then he will guide the entire family. He teaches Akshaya Lagna Paddhati astrology method to many students in a very simple way so that everyone can understand. I don’t know how many of them are getting benefitted out of this method. But those who learned this and applying it are definitely blessed. Whenever he predicts about a person, I really felt astonished about his excellence. When I asked about his predictions, he used to tell, that there are calculations behind everything. Even though there are calculations, more important thing is it should be exposed whenever there is a need. In this Akshaya Lagna Paddathi method of astrology, he had proved that we can identify what will be the needs , expectations and questions of the person. For example: If the natal’s current lagna is in 3rd place from the birth lagna, ie, the natal’s age is between 20-30 years, then his questions would be mostly related to his new efforts, marriage, child birth. If the natal’s current lagna is in 5th place from the birth lagna, then his questions would be mostly related to himself, about his children. If the natal’s current lagna is in 6th place from the birth lagna, then his questions would be mostly related to diseases, debt, enemies. In this ALP method of astrology we can easily identify many aspects very easily. For instance, we can compare how many percentage of karma was there during our birth and how many percentage of karma do we have at present. Moreover we can analyse whether there are any positive aspects or negative aspects in present situation. We can also look into the possibility to avoid negative incidents if any. The need of a person usually differs according to the person’s age. Another tool to predict is using ALP dasa bukthi of a particular age. For example: If a 20 year old person is going through Venus dasa, then he will enjoy all the sophistications, he will be profited by women, marriage life will be good, and also if a 60 year old person is going through Venus dasa, then he will not enjoy the above benefits. Isn’t it? So according to the present situation and the current age the predictions will match the day to day life. And I feel very proud that he has given these kind of predicting strategies to the modern world through Akshaya Lagna Paddathi astrology method. I would also like to remind one more thing. Our great Indian poet, Mahakavi Bharathiyar was not famous during his lifetime. His poems were recognised after his lifetime. But his poetry is still in the minds of people and those poems are also included in the textbooks. His poems are not only celebrated now but will be celebrated many more years later also. If his poetry was recognised during his lifetime, he might have been very happy and would have given many more poems to us. We never recognise, appreciate, encourage or value the greatness of these people during their lifetime. We under estimate their talent with their age, as there is no such connection between age and achievements. We all should be proud and do something to recognise the invention of Akshaya Lagna Paddathi by Sri. Podhuvudai Moorthy a Tamizhan from Tamilnadu. This is a great invention that nobody ever tried and that too in a very simple manner. By doing so we are contributing something to the astrology world. We all should support him for the benefit of more and more people all over the world. God has gifted a rare treasure in his form. We are all very blessed to get benefited from him. I don’t know how many of them are going to experience this astrology method? I thank him for this opportunity to express my experiences. A million thanks to Our Guruji, Sri. Pothuvudai Moorthy Sir for introducing this Akshaya Lagna Paddathi method of astrology to this world.