ALP Astrology

Mrs. Retna.s
TMy Personal Experience about Akshaya Lagna Paddhati [ ALP]

Astrology is a divine science. I had learned many methods in astrology since 5 years, all the methods has its own importance. What I experienced is that even after learning so many techniques I was unable to predict and come to a final conclusion as there was confusion and fear to give accurate predictions. Hence I lost belief in astrology as every astrologer gives different predictions on the same horoscope.

In 2019 Hygreva astrological Institute, Bengaluru had invited our Guru S. Pothuvudai Moorthy to conduct class on ALP method. But I was not willing to attend the same as I was not interested in learning any more new methods due to messing up of many methods which created confusion. I still don’t know what happened to me one day before the class starts I got some vibes and my mind was pushing me to learn ALP. Immediately I called and booked the seat.

Moorthy sir, is an inspiring teacher, with an in depth knowledge and great passion for astrology and explains in the most simple way with apt practical life experiences and hundreds of detailed horoscope discussions that any fresher to astrology also can never fail to relate and understand. He will ensure to explain the concept until every student in his class clearly understands them. This class is purely based on group discussions and every day and every moment is brimming with abundance of knowledge in astrology. The WhatsApp group is created for postings of activities related to everyday concepts and subject to discussion and analysis during the course of the day. There is active participation and enormous knowledge transfer and it is an enriching experience for every student present in this study group. This name ALP or Akshaya Lagna Paddhati is rightly coined as “Akshayam” meaning “flourishing, abundance, never ending” knowledge of astrology.

After attending the 2 days class I felt so comfortable that with few ALP Thumb rules we are getting amazing results. In this method lagna point progresses to 3 degree every year. Here each rasi is considered as 10 years. As we grow our lagna too grows. I was surprised that how Guruji was able to think the concept of lagna progression. As per my knowledge since the origin of astrology only birth lagna is considered for entire life span predictions.

I remember one instance, in the class suddenly guruji asked me to remember my debit card ATM pin to my surprise he was telling my pin correctly. I was shocked that how so accurate he can read my mind. I felt that he is not a normal human being and has some divine power within him. I thought if I would have missed this amazing ALP technique it was a great loss to me. It was a turning point in my life..

One more such instance is that, I had booked a consultation when Guruji was in Bengaluru. When I reached his consultation room he pointed out the purpose of my visit and the question I had in my mind. This made me to get strong belief in ALP. I was shocked how he was able to tell the purpose of my visit without even asking me. The remedies given by him are very simple. There are many such shocking instances.

Guruji is very simple and friendly to everyone and treats everyone as equal that is his greatness. In this kaliyuga it is difficult to get a person like who hold and take his students to the height he reaches. Since I learned ALP I am following ALP method of prediction.

I learned through ALP that some of the hard times in our life we have to face where no remedy works. I experienced that, if possible we should never block the sufferings by remedies as it will never nullify the problems but it may popup again.

After attending the 20 day zoom class I was fully confident that even I can predict the results accurately. The way guruji explained in the class was like a father showing his children the right path to travel and excel in life. The most interesting is that, live charts of students or their family members are delineated so that the instances are accurately predicted in front of everyone. Guruji had developed ALP software in which there are two rows in which we can enter our birth details in one row and in other row past/ present or future date can be entered for past, present and future predictions. This is the best software I ever seen with lots of informations. The software is designed in such a way that once we enter the birth details we can predit the results with in few seconds. The beauty of ALP is that each and everyone who learned ALP gives an unique predictions. Even a native who has little knowledge of astrology can use this app to check their details. It is a great milestone in the history of astrology. Many information’s are available in ALP books which are available through online.

I learned a lesson after learning ALP is that the planet influences the native depending on the intensity of our karma. So nobody can be happy through out life ups and downs are part of life. After knowing this secret through ALP I am able to know my good and bad times so that accordingly I can frame or prepare my mind to face the world. I accept everything happily and where ever I go I try to find happiness there. I changed to a better person after learning ALP.

There was a saying that to learn astrology a person should be expert in mathematics. In my experience many people including my friends are afraid to learn astrology even though they are interested as there are lot of calculations involved. But in ALP no calculations but only few thumb rules which can be easily remembered by the person who are even weak in mathematics. It just requires concentration and interest in learning the technique.

The intention of our Guruji is to reach this amazing ALP technique to at least one person in a family so that they know the secret of life and frame their future accordingly and guide their family too. Now a days younger generations have lot of questions regarding which subject to study for a better job opportunity as presently there are lot of competitions, about marriage life, about children future, whether the life journey opted is on true path or not etc., where no clarity is obtained and get into confusion may times and land up in wrong selections/decisions due to which one has to suffer life long. But now here is a great and amazing ALP technique which is capable of clearing all the answers to their questions and take concrete decisions without fear.

I thank my Guru S. Pothuvudai Moorthy for teaching me the amazing ALP method of astrology and showing me the way towards success. I pray almighty to fulfil his desire and continue his astrological journey to reach the entire globe.