ALP Astrology

Nitya Shankar
The concept of Akshaya Lagna Paddhati What makes the di erence?

Astrology is a divine knowledge. It is in truth, a sensitive, abstract and a psychic wisdom, through which one can interact with the planets and stars with the help of horoscope and infer their influence in our human lives. I had a deep desire and was very keen to learn astrology, but of course was dubious on my capacity to even attempt to acquire this great wisdom. During this exploration to learn astrology , I fortunately watched a YouTube video on ALP by Moorthy Sir. This indeed was my Eureka moment! I just heard my inner voice driving my spirit telling me to learn astrology through this Guru.

When I reached out, there were no classes conducted at that time but I was asked to leave behind details to be intimated on any future classes. After few months, I received a call from the ALP office and the classes commenced shortly. While my interest was intact, fear gripped me, due to my limited knowledge in astrology during that time. But with great motivation, support and commitment from our Guru, I attended the online classes which happened for a month, and to my astonishment , the classes were dealing with every concept of astrology in the most simplified manner possible . The calculations and other astrological tools needed for predictions were hand delivered as simple rules for application and as software, leading to logical inferences on predictions. The mathematical concepts were also taught in detail, irrespective of having the software to deal with it. Our Guru believes in imparting maximum knowledge possible in the short span of time in a precise manner with uncompromising depth to the content taught. If you get a good teacher, you will succeed in life.

Moorthy sir, is an inspiring teacher, with an in depth knowledge and great passion for astrology and explains in the most simple way with apt practical life experiences and hundreds of detailed horoscope discussions that any fresher to astrology also can never fail to relate and understand. He will ensure to explain the concept until every student in his class clearly understands them. This class is purely based on group discussions and every day and every moment is brimming with abundance of knowledge in astrology. The WhatsApp group is created for postings of activities related to everyday concepts and subject to discussion and analysis during the course of the day. There is active participation and enormous knowledge transfer and it is an enriching experience for every student present in this study group. This name ALP or Akshaya Lagna Paddhati is rightly coined as “Akshayam” meaning “flourishing, abundance, never ending” knowledge of astrology.

In this day and time, when astrological knowledge is portrayed to be difficult and good astrologers are scarce, it is indeed a benevolent quality for an astrologer who is also “THE ALP INVENTOR” to conduct classes and share this great wisdom with us so that we can benefit from it. Surprisingly, everyone who are ALP astrologers make the same predictions for a particular horoscope. It is indeed an impossible achievement in astrology so far, which is made only possible through ALP. Till this day, in any other known astrological method, it is rare to find two astrologers giving the same predictions for any particular horoscope . For any given horoscope, there can be a particular occurrence only. This event can be nailed to perfection by using our ALP method. In my experience, I have met many professional astrologers too in my ALP class who has vouched for the accuracy in predictions which was a lacking aspect in their earlier practice. The most amazing part is, these classes are purely focused on taking predictions from day 1, as the ulterior motive of astrology is not its calculations but its inference. This ALP METHOD has eased the concepts in the most precise format possible, that a layman and a professional astrologer with this knowledge, will be making same predictions and they turn out to be equal and successful. This was indeed an open commitment while joining the class and is met with 100% success and satisfaction of students by our Guruji.

ALP is the unique manual we all need to drive the vehicle of our life. It certainly acts as a guide to plan our path ahead of time, to avoid hurdles or be prepared for it, depending on how the path pans out with the aid of our horoscope. In today’s world, when we have so many challenges at every walk of life, it is indeed an essential knowledge which helps to make informed decisions. It is an extension of the ancient astrological methods, with just a shift in perspective, given in the most precise format that everyone can learn and benefit from it.

I have been practising this method of astrology for a year now and will certainly vouch for its accuracy. ALP has brought out the professional astrologer in me and given the confidence to make it my career, because of its accuracy, and immense satisfaction, that I am able to derive while I guide people with certainty on the course of their path and their relevant experiences in life.

A person who has tasted nectar understands what sweet means to them. But a person without this experience will never know what sweet actually means. ALP is that nectar, which has the power to give sweetness in everyone’s life whoever comes in contact with it. People who have come in touch with ALP, will by heart and soul agree to every word stated here. Blessed are those, whom nature has got in touch with ALP and who possess this divine wisdom today through the guidance of our revered Guru. In my experience, this is by the intervention of the Divine grace that has given us this opportunity and bestowed this knowledge to us humans, which is a great milestone in astrology. I pray and thank the Divine energies for giving me this opportunity to show direction and inspire people in need of this guidance. I sincerely wish that ALP should reach and touch many more people and help them to positively transform their lives based on their life goals and achieve greatness.