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As we all know, in astrology we can see the horoscope and predict all the events of our human lives. Most importantly, in recent days there is awareness about medical astrology, as we see many doctors showing interest in learning astrology.

In olden days, there were physician astrologers who used to treat people and understand and give remedies to their problems in the form of medicine if it could be treated or recommended remedies based on their planetary position and intensity of their problems. The evidence that physician astrologers existed is proved by the great physicist Hippocrates’ statement which states that, “ A physician without knowledge of astrology has no right to call himself a physician. “

Astrology primarily builds on the basis of one’s birthday, giving it meaning that goes well beyond that time of which we have no functional memory. It purports to help us understand the world through the relationships between the astrological phenomena and our human experience. In today’s world, it is used and found in magazines for foretelling the reader’s love life or money matters.

In ancient times, astrology was a wholly scholarly and a scientific endeavour. In case of medical astrology or iatromathematics, which stretches far back as the field of medicine itself. Lauren Kassell, professor at University of Cambridge, in Department of History and Philosophy of Science, researches in history of astrological science. She says, for centuries, “it was common practice for educated physicians to use astrology as one of their tools”.

If we consider, Indian scriptures, Ayurveda and astrology are called “ Veda Chakshu” which means eyes of Vedas. In astrology, we have Lagna or ascendant, Sun and Moon positions in the horoscopes which correspond to the Vatta, Pitha and Kapha respectively in terms of human body. Based on the Lagna of the person, the nature of his body, the strength and weaknesses were determined. These three aspects were known as tridoshas in ayurveda. With the help of one’s horoscope, ancient physician’s used to identify the depth of the disease and the time it will take to cure the illness based on the planetary positions.

By using our ALP method of astrology, we can divide the horoscope of the natal into 24 divisions and completely devise the astrological scanning report and exactly tell the physical ailments in the natal’s body and mind and also calculate the intensity and duration of the problem. Also, we can give suggestions as to whether it is possible to get cured by medicine or by doing some remedies. Even before visiting a doctor, it is easier to know the nature


of our health problems and its intensity with the help of the scanned report of your horoscope. In fact, this report is more reliable as it can even predict when the health problems began even before the natal started showing symptoms. It will certainly support the doctor and the patient by giving a lot of clarity to the treatment.

In our experience, medical astrology is a boon as it facilitates doctors be it in allopathy, Ayurveda, healers or any other alternative medicine to make the most accurate diagnosis. In accordance to the great physicist Hippocrates words, if physicians can complement themselves with knowledge of astrology, it is certain that their diagnosis and treatment will make them the best doctors in this world.

ALP Astrologer.

Nithya Shankar, Chennai.

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