Nithya Shankar ALP astrologer

Gurubyo Namah
Sri Gurubyo Namah !
Blessed by nature, with a humble stature, a divine intervention has gifted to mankind, this great human being, Sri. Podhuvudai Moorthy, with doctorate in astrology, degrees in psychology and teaching, is our revered guru, who is clad in simplicity, with the extreme wisdom that unravels the deep secrets of human life and path breaking in the field of astrology is his brainchild, Akshaya Lagna Paddhati (ALP method). In his early days of practicing astrology, though with utmost dedication, sincerity, and focus yet dissatisfaction of not being able to guide a distressed person with the perfect predictions prevailed. In order to eliminate the certain ambiguities he faced in predicting horoscope, he tirelessly worked and this craving to know the truth has lead him to unravel this new found tested, tried and proven concepts of ALP which is now the future of astrology.
ALP is a milestone indeed in astrology which gives a completely new perspective to reading a person’s horoscope like a book. These never fail technique and principles of Akshaya Lagna Paddhati, makes the subject of astrology which was once a restricted property of the privileged few, available to even the common man without any background knowledge in astrology. Nature has blessed us with this Guru who is all giving of this knowledge which is the ultimate breakthrough in astrology. In today’s scenario, where we see people who wants to benefit and convert their most trivial knowledge to wealth, while here we have our Guru, an exceptional person, easily approachable and available to educate and enrich all eager minds. ALP assures to certainly act as a guiding light to people who needs help and hope to the utmost precision possible and channelize lives.
Anybody can become an astrologer! Yes. It is a true statement indeed. ALP methodology enables even a layman to predict the future and also experience, a perfect revelation that astrology is true and it is the unique blueprint of each human’s life. It is made easy to learn, that astrology once a privileged knowledge and never revealed or taught easily to seekers, is today made available to everyone interested to learn, by absolutely following the simple guidelines devised by Moorthy Sir.
Blessed are those whom nature has brought in contact with our Guru. His only purpose is for the bigger good of the society. The more we observe the rules of this ALP system, we get to realise that the karmic imprints play a strong role in our lives and the experience is destined. While decoding horoscope with ALP helps in knowing the unknown and acts as a road map it also help devise ways to handle situations better with preparedness and ease which could have been an otherwise unpleasant experience.
Our guru intends and wishes that many people gain knowledge of ALP astrology to at least foresee for themselves and for their families, situations ahead of time and be better equipped to handle life rather than live in distress.
Alp astrology is a boon and everyone should learn this concept and share it with near and dear and lead a quality and informed life.
I am a witness and a fortunate student who has directly learnt this ALP method from Sri. Moorthy Sir, within one month, without any background knowledge of astrology, and successfully practicing ALP astrology today.
Unlock your life with ALP, know thyself, stay informed, spread knowledge, make aware decisions and live a happy and a healthy lifetime!
With pranams and obeisance to our revered Guru Sri. Podhuvudai Moorthy Sir,
Nithya Shankar.