ALP Astrology Reveals the will of God

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ALP Astrology Reveals the will of God

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about ALP Astrology

Astrology represents an ancient art that lengthens the approach beyond personal horoscopes. The active movement and prominent positions of divine bodies can naturally have a profound impact on love life, work-life, and everything in between! Understanding the patterns of the universe offers the insight need to navigate life.

A significant part of Astrology is typically using the movements (transits) and relationships (aspects) of the planets to forecast what will be happening in our lives. Collectively with BIRTH CHART, these astrological events can undoubtedly encourage us to better perceive current universal opportunities.


know about ALP Astrology

Astrology typically comprises of many modern concepts and traditionally uses many effective tools and appropriate methodologies to arrive punctually at fulfilled predictions. Foremost among them in common is the DASA and BUKTHI based on the moon and the star it merely occupies. All major predictions derived from this, but this does not do justice to LAGNA or ASCENDANT. Hence the specific need to produce predictive astrology more complete and more accurate by ascribing sufficient importance to the Lagna.

By a narrow margin as the moon carries on being shifting from the first-star Aswini to the last one Revathi, the Lagna also keeps moving. This modern concept is the brainchild of Mr.Poduvudai Moorthy, Who has spent frequently of his time and effort on researching this concept and meritorious tuning it to satisfy the current requirement of a proper extrapolative system. In the course of his independent research, the author has concluded at the precise speed the Lagna travels which is ONE year ONE month, and TEN days to navigate one Nakshatra Pada. It vicariously experiences TEN years to navigate one zodiac sign, so it comprehensively covers 120 years of life spans of a specific individual same as VIMSHOTTARI DASA.

This key concept is addressed, "ALP" Akshaya Lagna Pathadi. The fundamental concept of moon movements and Lagna modern movements combined together thereby giving pinpoint accuracy in accurate prediction. For a classic example, a person born in September 1964 in Mithuna Lagna the ALP, that is the moving Lagna, falls in Scorpio in 2019. Effectively with this as the base, the unique position of possible planets in the natal horoscope and in diplomatic relation to the current transit position is taken into consideration to correctly predict up-to-date events. The prolific author has typically carried out his extensive research on various astrology methods, which typically includes the KP system, Prasna Marga, Nimittam (astrology traditionally based on omens) Reiki, Pranic Healing, and Past life therapy

This concept of ALP is now in the form of a book called ALP method of astrology published by Vijaya pathipakam.

about S Moorthy Jothidar

ALP Life Time achivement of commitment, for greater goodness of human society


The Origin of ALP

While Sri Moorthy on a pilgrimage in the Himalayas. He, fortunately, happened to gently rest under a banyan tree and was cautiously watching the banyan roots swaying gracefully and growing remarkably, the growing roots undoubtedly left a deep impression in him, which created precisely a paradigm shift in instantly comprehending the modern concept of astrology and the mature seed of "ALP" Akshaya Lagna Pathadi was thus sown, Akshaya means growth, After that, the entire focus shifted to the logical progression of the Moon (Manam-Mind-Moon).

He raised question himself like the growing roots; can the Lagana also grow as the time moves? Why can't the Lagna progress? Why should it be static when the Moon is progressed? What will happen precisely if one progresses the Lagna? And properly use the progressed Lagna to accurately predict the events—this inevitably resulted in the divine creation of “ALP".

He happened to visualize the Future when he was deep in his meditation and reaching subconscious, which was when an established foundation of ALP prediction formed. He took it further and carefully researched with genuine enthusiasm, based merely on principles of Science and Traditional Astrology, that's applicable to the present day, finally, a reliable formula was developed "ALP “Akshaya Lagna Pathadi By progressing the Lagna and succeeded correctly arriving at the future prediction. To undoubtedly benefit the civilized world at large and the astrological community, and not just the faithful followers of "ALP “Akshaya Lagna Pathadi, He further radically simplified the used technique and carefully wrote and published a book on key ALP concepts and effective techniques.

He is also experienced in pranic healing, Reiki, Past Life Regression, the happenings of the past life, ect, and going ahead care for people. He is familiar by many Prime television channels in Tamilnadu like Vijay TV, Zee Tamil, Jaya Plus, Vendhar TV, Pudu YugamTV etc., He has been awarded in the field of Astrology due to his innovative thinking and dedication and hard work.

about Smt. Arularasi Podhuvudaimoorthy

Co-Founder of ALPAIR Foundation & ALP Institute of Astrology


Woman Behind Podhuvudaimoorthy

Smt. Arularasi Podhuvudai Moorthy is the inspiration and the woman behind this successful man, Sri. Poduvudai Moorthy. With the educational qualification of D.T.Ed.,M.Sc.,B.Ed., and great interest in astrology, she is also an efficient administrator. She is a teacher by profession and have been selflessly been nuturing young minds and also a creative story teller with utmost passion in education. The idea of ALP institute of Astrology is an extension of her passion towards education and complements the inventor’s vision and mission. During the humble beginnings of ALP, she has been the pillar of strength and constantly contributed in the background to reach this concept to the world.

She has given up her career as a teacher inorder to focus and drive this ALP movement to greater heights. While she handles the administrative team and takes lead role in the publishing of ALP books in various languages, she also advises the team for all advertising and social media related matters.

The constant support, motivation and guidance of Smt. Arularasi has played a major role in steering ALP in its path of success. Her perseverance and administrative contributions has been commendable in the development of this ALP system of astrology. Her clear understanding of ideas and dedication to materialize the vision of Sri. Moorthy, has definitely defined the futuristic path for ALP and the vision of using technology in astrology in an effective manner. Her determination is a great source of inspiration and very promising to take ALP to its pinnacle of success.

AIM's of ALP Astrology


know AIM of ALP Astrology

  • To make the subject Astrology very simple and easy, and also making it available for all the people for the betterment of their lives.
  • To create an awareness among common people about astrology and also to preach them the importance of this divine subject.
  • To find out the logics involved as explained in our ancient scriptures in improvising every human being with ethical morals.
  • To standardize the subject astrology pertaining to its analysis and predications among all the astrologers to give a similar set of results.
  • To preach and also to understand the impacts of subject Karma, and importance of nature for the survival of every living entity as mentioned in our divine scriptures.
  • To create an awareness and the importance of Time in every ALP practitioner.
  • To preach the ethics of Dharma, Karma and Kala to people to bring transformation and to counsel for a better living.
  • To encourage all the fellow astrologers based on their skills and research put forth by them to help and build a better society
  • To improvise and also to create an awareness to people about our temples and its importance to attain the grace of the divine To preach the importance of nurturing all the living entities including nature by stressing on social welfare activates as remedies.
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    ALP Astrology

    ALP astrology is modernized technique and yet within the boundaries of traditional system of astrology. Accuracy of this new technique stands high for both, reading the past and predicting the future. This technique uses a time based calculations to arrive at the results


    vastu shastra

    Vastu Shastra is one of the sounding subject in recent days but its virtue was described in our prehistoric texts completely studying the Magnetic and cosmic influences one a person with respect to his place with the help of Panchabhootas. ALP Astrology as a unique approach with respect to Vastu shastra, which simplifies most of the complicated loop holes in a very logical manner.


    face reading

    As we are all aware of the renowned thought "Face is the index of mind" as per human psychology, which tells keen observation of one's facial traits and expression to understand their mind and character.


    Chowri Astrology

    Chowri astrology is one of the widely practiced method this is one of the variety in Prashna astrology. It is also said that the astrologer who uses this method should be truly blessed from the nature to understand the language of divine which would be represented through Chowri or sea shells.



    Numbers are the ruling entities of this planet, anything and everything on this planet is comprised with numbers.One of the highlighting factors with respect to numerology is to check the strength of the name of the natal.


    ALP Prasanam

    In ALP astrology this Prasanam method is very calculatively designed by the astrologer Mr.Pothuvidaymoorthy to help those who don’t possess personnel horoscope and seek help through ALP astrology method.


    Kundli dosh

    "The Strength of the strongest is always based on the balanced duality of both mind and body" based on this context strength is just not being sturdy nor being mentally smart, hence the balance of both mind and body in a parallel way to each other is very vital in this materialistic world.



    Palm reading is one of the ancient methods in astrology which falls into the category of Samudhrika Shastra and Palm reading also very widely known as 'Hasta Samudhrika'. Palm reading is of the astrological method which is also used by westerns apart from Indians. However the roots of this knowledge got originated in India Itself.



    Gemology is a science which deals with structure, color , transparency of naturally occurring gem stones, and this science and usage of gem stones is imparted in astrology for the betterment of Human race. The effects and influences of gem stones on humans are clearly mentioned in Agani Purana and Brahamanda Puranas respectively.

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